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John Field- About

John holding a 14 in. long Yak Bunker Fly

Presentations, Signings & Demonstrations

New Book to be released March 2018: ACA's Beginner's Guide to Fly Casting, Skyhorse Publishing

First I wrote the advanced book, Fly-Casting Finesse. Now I'm writing the beginner's book.

Volunteer Projects

American Casting Association
Besides writing the ACA casting book, I'm sorting and organizing all the photo/audio media from the 1940s to 2000 from ACA's Netherton Archive and Collection. Digitizing and sharing could take me a couple years!

Mianus Chapter of Trout Unlimited
I'll be heading a stream clean-up and invasive plant removal on my local West Branch of the Saugatuck River this spring.


August I'll be fishing Montana and watching the eclipse with my family!

New Site Colors Taken from GLoomis Fly Rod

color swatches The background is cork colored, the main font color is from the anodized reel-seat and the nav buttons and copyright bar are the blank, windings and logo colors. I did this with the use of the Adobe Color CC app and camera on my iPhone. Since I have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, the color swatches appeared in my other Adobe color panels automatically!